Wordpot Keyword Tool Review

Wordpot Keyword Research Tool
Wordpot is a simple-natured, yet comprehensive, keyword research tool that has the potential to deliver highly useful keyword results on a large number of markets. Like some other keyword tools, Wordpot offers a choice when it comes to membership types – Free, Standard, and Enterprise.

Wordpot Keyword Database

Wordpot collects its keyword data through several different resources:

Real-time searches via popular meta-crawlers like Dogpile.com and MetaCrawler.com

Published results from Google, Yahoo, and MSN.
Purportedly, Wordpot has been compiling real-time and published results for several years, and their results are updated 24/7, which gives them a large, and continually up-to-date, dataset to work with.

Wordpot Features

While Wordpot has the appearance of being a relatively new keyword tool due to its simplistic nature, it does have several notable features that separate it from its competition.

  • Removal of Manipulated Search Data – unlike most other keyword research tools, Wordpot attempts to remove search data created by automated queries, such as by bots that attempt to artificially enhance a particular website’s clickthrough rate in search engines.

  • Super Easy-To-Use Interface – Wordpot’s research interface is very simplistic in nature — a search button, and Ajax-delivered results. No confusing multi-step processes, just keyword research data one button-push away.

  • Keyword Trends – For popular keywords, Wordpot offers a graphical display of the month-by-month demand of the keywords in search engines. This can help you to identify seasonal demand for the keywords that you are considering.

  • Long-Tail Keyword Suggestions – While most keyword Tools offer long-tail keyword suggestions, Wordpot’s tool offers a multitude of long-tail keyword possibilities that do not always show up in other keyword research tools.

  • One-Click Keyword Drilldown – When you search for a phrase in Wordpot, with a single click on a result, you can dig deeper into a particular keyword phrase to receive better-targeted results to laser-target your keyword research efforts.

  • Limit Keyword Research to Particular Search Engines – when you’re researching a keyword with Wordpot’s tool, you have the option of checking the keyword with Google, MSN, Yahoo, ASK, AOL, or all of the above.

  • Advanced Search Settings – You can expand your keyword lists by using Wordpot’s search settings, which includes singular and plural versions of your keyword, synonymous keywords, related keywords, and associated keywords.

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