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Why You Need To Do Keyword Research

As a website owner, there are a number of things that are pounded into your head about online success pertaining to search engine traffic. You continually hear about meta tags, submitting your website to search engines, SEO, link building, and so forth. While some may argue that some of this advice is poor, at best -- there is one element that is frequently left out of advice for a new website owner, and ironically, it is the most important ingredient in your website's recipe for online success -- keyword research.

Keyword research and its power

Keyword research holds an untold amount of power for your website's success; in fact, without keyword research, it is highly unlikely that you will receive any substantial amount of search engine traffic, let alone traffic from search engines that results in conversions. Sure, you can setup a website or blog, and you can easily get your website to show up in search engines' results without keyword research, but this is hardly a cause for celebration. In fact, if you've spent time, or money, on optimizing or promoting your website without keyword research -- this is almost a cause for mourning.

Here are three reasons why keyword research is an integral part of your website's success:

Avoid targeting overly popular markets - Just because a topic, or market, is popular, doesn't necessarily mean that you should pursue it. For instance, the auto insurance market is gargantuan -- estimations put the daily search volume at over 10,000 for the phrase ‘auto insurance', and companies are willing to pay $30 or more for a single click using Google Adsense for this phrase. However, especially as a new website owner -- you are not going to receive any share of that multi-million dollar pie by building a website focused solely on the phrase ‘auto insurance'. Instead, if you perform keyword research, you can pinpoint phrases that will be easier to rank for, thereby avoiding wasteful spending by not pursuing keyword markets that you simply cannot conquer.

Identify keywords that buyers use - Even some savvy website owners miss the mark on this point -- identifying profitable keywords. For instance, if a dentist wanted to promote his dental implant surgery services online, he should have a good idea of which keywords he should target. While the phrases ‘dental implants', ‘tooth implants' and 'teeth implants 'all appear to be very similar, keyword research suggests that one of these phrases better targets a "buying" audience than the others. This type of keyword research can save you months of testing your traffic by helping you to target the right group of people within your market from the get-go.

Achieve better search engine rankings, faster - While this does tie into our first point, it's a must-know fact about the power of keyword research. By performing keyword research, you are bypassing wasteful spending on keywords and phrases that would take you months, or years, to achieve first-page rankings for.

For example, let's use our previous example of auto insurance -- if you target the general phrase, there are at least 1 million websites which appear to be competing for that phrase.

Furthermore, as this industry is very competitive, getting your website on the first-page of Google for the phrase 'auto insurance' would be like trying to shove your way through the crowd at a Brittney Spears concert -- from the very back of the auditorium to the security guards who surround the stage -- it isn't going to happen.

However, with a little bit of keyword research, you can identify long-tail keyword phrases, or multi-word phrases. For instance, if you were to target, "free auto insurance quotes", or "top 10 auto insurance companies", you would likely have much more success in receiving search engine traffic, and it would be much easier to grab first-page rankings for these long-tail keywords than for the general phrase.

Why you need to perform keyword research

By now, you should have a very good idea as to why keyword research is important -- it can help to ensure your website's success online, at least where search engines are involved. There are a lot of SEO tips floating around online, but when it comes to keyword research -- it is a valid suggestion, and certainly one that you do not want to ignore.

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