Web CEO Software Review

Web CEO Software
Marketing campaign analysis is perhaps the most important part of a well-designed marketing campaign. This is ongoing, long-term research, that allows you to know the effectiveness of your campaigns as well as where you could enhance or otherwise beef up your campaign to get maximum results from your marketing dollars. But who has the time to do this, or the money to hire someone else to? Now you don’t have to. With powerful, affordable, comprehensive keyword research and analysis software like Web CEO, you can get the results you want without much time and expense.

Web CEO Software Features

  • Keyword Research and Analysis – Web CEO offers advanced tools to help guide you in determine the most effective keyword phrases for use in your tags, titles, and website content. The suite of tools will also show you ways to optimize placement of keywords on your website that will allow for keyword richness, without overload. You can use Web CEO’s analysis tools to gauge your keyword density and determine whether or not it needs to be altered. An automatic Rank Checker will give you instant results on how your keywords rank.

  • Promotion of Your Website with Advanced Submission Tools – With Web CEO, you can use their submission tools to list your site on various directories, submit your information to search engines, and submit SEO articles to major directories with ease.

  • Error Checking and Validation – This is an important but highly unsung feature as overloaded keyword density will keep you from being listed with some of the major search engines. There is also validation software to check your HTML code.

  • Pay Per Click Analysis – Part and parcel of many businesses Internet marketing campaign is pay per click advertising with the major search engines. Web CEO allows you to analyze the return on your investment, and offers tools to help you to choose highly targeted, and thus more effective, keyword phrases for use in your pay per click campaign.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Web CEO

Many swear by this tool as it is a comprehensive suite of tools that allows you to integrate SEO with other forms of website promotion, as well as detailed analysis tools that make tracking your success and generating reports easier than ever before.

The main complaint about this software was the lack of tools to help in link building. The importance of link building is duly noted in many places, as this is one of the main areas that are utilized in determining one’s page rank with major search engines.

Others have complained that support and help features are lacking, but this hasn’t been an overwhelming concern.

When you want to get the most out of your marketing dollars, Web CEO is an excellent tool to help you develop researched and highly targeted SEO keywords for placement on your website and in content. It also gives you the tools you need to help promote your website as their advanced Submission Tools are second to none. With in-depth, advanced tracking tools, Web CEO allows you to keep up with the data on your campaign to determine effectiveness, ways to tweak your campaign to maximize your results, and how to keep an edge on your competitors.

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