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SEM Rush Keyword Tool
SEM Rush is a just-outside-the-norm keyword and competitor research system. Unlike keyword tools that rely solely on precompiled keyword lists, and deliver results limited to lists of suggested keywords and their statistics, SEM Rush gives you a well-rounded view of your proposed keyword landscape and the websites behind them.

SEM Rush’s Difference

SEM Rush is an anomaly of sorts when compared to other available keyword research tools today. First, it offers a free version that is comprehensive and feature-rich in itself, and to back that up, the price of the paid version of this keyword research resource more than justifies the additional features you’ll receive for the nominal price. SEM Rush strikes a harmonious balance of an excellent price for excellent features, or a good set of very usable features for another excellent price – free.

Traditionally, free keyword tools that are comprehensive do not typically offer a paid version, and paid keyword tools that offer free versions usually either cripple their free versions, or charge higher-than-they-should-be prices for their paid upgrades – none of which are true with SEM Rush.

SEM Rush Database

SEM Rush relies on Google’s keyword tool for their data, and at present, their database is comprised of 25 million keywords spread across about 9.5 million domains. It should be noted that SEM Rush uses Google’s US datacenters, alone, for their results and statistics. Therefore, if your website is not currently listed in, and your competitors’ websites are not listed in, you probably will not benefit from SEM Rush’s services.

SEM Rush Features

Because SEM Rush is not your average keyword research tool, we’ll outline a few of their more prominent, and beneficial, features.

  • Identify Competitors – By searching for your keyword phrase on SEM Rush, you can pinpoint competing websites that are already ranking highly in Google for your intended keywords, and as a side benefit, you can identify other potentially profitable keywords of each of your potential competitors.

  • Ad / Traffic Buyer Suggestions – When you research a website, SEM Rush will display related websites that are advertising via Google Adwords, which, this can give you an inroad to potential advertisers, who are proven buyers, for your website.

  • AdWords Ad Overview – If a particular website that you are researching, namely, a competitor, is advertising via Google AdWords, SEM Rush will show you your competitors’ ads, and their landing pages within their simple-to-use interface.

  • Side-By-Side Competitor Comparison – You can analyze your domain vs. your competitors’ domain name, alongside your common keywords, your rank in Google, their rank in Google, estimated monthly search volume for the keyword, number of competing pages for the keyword, and the estimated cost per click in Google AdWords.

  • Data Exports – Like most keyword tools, SEM Rush offers a few choices when it comes to exporting your research data. However, because this service is so unique in the type of information it provides, we wanted to mention this as it is a major asset for you, regardless of whether you’re a paid or free user.

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