Best Keyword Research Software

When researching keywords for a website, there are many different tools and software programs to use. They all do basically the same thing, but with different levels of accuracy and a variety of extra features. Let us help you compare the best keyword research software and keyword tools:

Keyword Country Research Software

Keyword Country Software

This is my personal favorite keyword research software. Keyword Country doesn’t just provide keyword search volume. It also allows you to examine your competitor’s seo & ppc campaign details. They claim that research done through Keyword Country’s software can yield up to 230% more traffic.

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Keyword Discovery Keyword Research Software

Keyword Discovery Software

It is tough to match all that is offered by this keyword research tool. The best feature is the ability to search multiple statistical databases such as: Ebay, Shopping, News and Geographical. The multiple databases make it easier to get more accurate results. You don’t have to rely on just one keyword source. This software also interfaces with your website by analyzing density and usage of each keyword.

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WordZe Keyword Research Tool

WordZe Keyword Research Software

With WordZe you get keyword search volume statistics with past history trends plus get great competitor analysis tools. Their Wordrank module allows you to see how many links a website gets each month. You will find out if they consistently build links or if they do big link building spurts.

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Wordpot Keyword Research Tool

Wordpot Keyword Research Tool

Wordpot has a nice clean user interfaces that includes many features. It is also very fast. It does not include as many extra modules as their competitors, but it helps you find keywords much easier.

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Other Keyword Research Software

Here are some of the better keyword research tools that may be worth checking out: