Keyword Elite Software Review

Keyword Elite Keyword Research Software
For anyone involved in PPC marketing, Keyword Elite is one software program that you must own. Not only will it save you countless hours of work, but it will also produce the biggest keyword list possible. For those not involved in PPC, there are still many features that would be extremely valuable, such as the ability to analyze organic search competition for any keyword.

Keyword Elite Features

To make this software useful for nearly anyone doing internet marketing, there are several different modules included:

  • Analyze Pay Per Click Listings – Before jumping into PPC advertising, it is a very good idea to do market research. This module will automatically fetch information about the top PPC competitors for a given keyword, including: KEI, top bids, title results, Google broad match, Google phrase match and Google exact match. So before setting up your new PPC campaign, you can determine how much it will cost and how competitive it is.

  • Create a Keyword List – This will be many people’s favorite feature of Keyword Elite. It automatically builds a massive keyword list based on a root keyword. The data is retrieved from multiple sources: Google, Yahoo, Ask, the meta tags of your competitors and keyword misspellings. The keyword list that this module creates would normally take many hours to compile. To further save time, it even integrates with Wordtracker or Keyword Discovery search volume databases. Once the list is generated, you can filter the list to only include phrases with a certain word or you can filter out certain words. To greatly expand your list, you can automatically append an extra word before or after all keywords.

  • Select a Keyword List – To save time you can start your list with one of over 40,000 pre-built keyword lists. These cover a wide variety of topics and include over 2,000,000 phrases.

  • Analyze Keyword Competition – This module is great for researching organic search engine competition for any keyword. Before starting a new niche or choosing target keywords, plug your potential keyword into this module to gauge how competitive it is. It will give you a detailed summary of the top ranked websites. Included is information such as Google PageRank and keyword use in important page locations (H1, title, bold, alt text and 1st 25 words). This kind of information tells you approximately how difficult it will be to attain similar rankings.

  • Spy on AdWords Competition – This is a more advanced module that likely is not for everyone. It allows you to basically keep tabs on any specific AdWords ads. You can set this to automatically check the ads periodically. From there you can discover interesting things about your competitors PPC campaign:

    • which days of the week & time of day their ads are scheduled for
    • what ad text they are using and for how long
    • whether they rotate ad text or not

So this is not just software that will tell you how frequently a specific keyword gets searched. It is a package of handy tools that each help you in their own way. Normally each of these tools might be sold separately. That is because this is not created by a normal software company. Keyword Elite was created by Brad Callen at Bryxen Software. He also created SEO Elite which is one of the best SEO software programs for helping build backlinks. They make a point of constantly updating and improving all of their software based on customer suggestions. As the software gets better and better, they keep providing their customers with free upgrades. When you purchase from Bryxen Software, you become a customer for life.

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