Keyword Discovery Review

Keyword Discovery Keyword Tool
If you are considering using a paid keyword research tool to help choose website keywords, Keyword Discovery is an excellent choice. It has the most extensive keyword search database available on the market. Plus it has many extra keyword related tools that come in very handy. This includes seasonal search trends, a keyword density checker and a domain researching tool.

Keyword Discovery Database

When researching keywords, it is important to have a very large database of keyword search statistics. The larger the database, the more accurate the results can be and the more long tail keywords you can find. Keyword Discovery’s database includes nearly 38 billion searches done on over 200 search engines. It is the largest keyword database online. If you are only targeting certain search engines, you can filter results to only show data for certain search engines. You can also see statistics for specific countries or languages. They even have specialty databases for eBay, Shopping, News and Adult.

Keyword Discovery Features

There are too many features to list here, but here are some of the more beneficial features of Keyword Discovery:

  • Related Keywords – Many keyword research tools only show results that contain the searched keyword. With Keyword Discovery you also have the option to view synonyms, misspellings/typos, plurals, past/future tense and permutations. This saves a lot of time and ensures you don’t miss valuable keywords.

  • Seasonal Search Trends – View search statistics over the last 12 months and see any seasonal trends in your keywords. This is quite useful for any industries that get more business at certain times of the year.

  • Keyword Density – With this tool you can check the keyword density of any url. Then you can ensure that your pages target your most important keywords effectively. Or you can check which keywords any of your competitors are targeting.

  • Domain Research Tool – An ideal tool for anyone who is researching keywords to use in a new domain name. It automatically checks if your target keywords are available to purchase as .com or .net domains.

  • Keyword List Management – When you use Keyword Discovery, you don’t have to go back and forth copying each of your keywords into a spreadsheet. You can easily add keywords to a project that can be exported.

Screenshots of Keyword Discovery

Keyword Discovery Keyword Research
Keyword Research

Keyword Discovery Search Market Share
Search Market Share

Keyword Discovery Analyze Tool
Keyword Analyze
Keyword Discovery Keyword Misspellings
Keyword Misspellings
Keyword Discovery Industry Keywords
Industry Keywords
Keyword Discovery Keyword Density
Keyword Density

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