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Free Keyword Research Tools

For the amateur seo, there are a variety of free keyword tools that may be adequate for your needs. Experienced SEO professionals may still find many of these tools useful in the early stages of keyword research. Here are some of the best free keyword research tools:

Wordpot Free Keyword Tool

Wordpot Free Keyword ToolWordpot is a very good free keyword research tool, but the free version has limitations. They want to tempt you to buy the paid version. The results are missing lots of low volume keywords, but that is expected in keyword research tools.

Google Insights for Search

Google Keyword Suggestion ToolGoogle Insights is a powerful tool that offers features not available on most other free tools. For seasonal or fluctuating niches, you can view stats by year or a specific time period. For regional niches, you can view stats by country, state or even city. The graphical reports are great for seeing trends. One of the only downsides is that they don't show absolute search volume but instead normalized data that is shown on a scale up to 100. Also since the data is normalized the detailed stats are limited.

Google AdWords Keyword Tool

Google Keyword Suggestion ToolThis tool is more designed for pay-per-click keyword research, but it is also very useful for other keyword research. It gives you approximate keyword search volume statistics for Google and their search network. Since that gives you a large percentage of the search market, this is one of the more accurate free keyword research tools. It is a favorite of many SEO's.

Wordtracker Free Version

WordTracker Free Keyword ToolWordtracker gets keyword search statistics from two meta search engines: and Based on these statistics, they make keyword search volume estimates for the top search engines. Unfortunately their statistics are rather limited with the small size of their sample group. So don't expect to find many good long tail keywords with Wordtracker.

SEO Book Keyword Suggestion Tool

SEO Book Keyword Research ToolThis is a very good implementation of Wordtracker's free API that allows developers to query their search volume statistics. In some ways this is better than wordtracker itself, but again the stats are far from accurate.

Non-SEO, but still useful:

A thesaurus is a writer's keyword tool that is also great for early keyword research. Knowing many other possible synonyms can help target less competitive phrases.

Looking some of your keywords up in the dictionary can give you some idea of other terminology that people may use.

Try reading some Wikipedia articles about your target niche. This will show some of the industry specific jargon that is used.

Some of the best keyword research resources are Google and other search engines (MSN, Yahoo, ASK, KartOO). When you search most of the top search engines, they will suggest good related phrases. The results will also be full of other keywords. Dig a little deeper into any of those websites for keywords that your competitors have already decided to target.

For more accurate search statistics and plenty of useful features, you may be interested in these paid keyword research tools and keyword research software.