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John at World Cruises:

“It’s amazing the quality of information provides at such low prices. It would costs hundreds of dollars to buy my own version of keyword research software, but with I only pay a one-time small fee to obtain detailed keyword reports that help me focus my SEO and marketing efforts where I can have the biggest impact.”

Mike at Hanbery Marketing:

“ should be among the first stops for any business that is branding or rebranding. I am amazed at the depth and relevance such a cost-effective series of reports provides. The information is delivered in a manageable size and provides staggering breadth, depth and relevance. The end product exceeds all expectations. This service repudiates the value/cost trade-off and in so doing may well be market disruptive.”

James at UK Raw Food Forum:

“For a very reasonable fee, I was able to have, technical scans, professional advice, in a very well explained way, as they told me what could be improved and how to go about it, very concisely and very clearly so either a techy or layman could understand and take action on this advice.

Also was available to follow up by email when I had questions, which was a dream to experience on the otherwise faceless internet!

I know that offers a fast and friendly service, which is to the point, and easy to follow.

I also love that fact that you know you have a ‘real’ person to dialogue with, as so often SEO services are either automated or very corporate, and here one major value is that you will find a very personal service,

Thanks Jeremy, I will be using using your services again in the future!”

Rick at Singles Cruises:

“ has provided our company with rich and pertinent keyword reports on our business sector. These reports have helped us see significant boost in organic search rankings and also helped better target our PPC campaigns. We will be using their services for a long time to come.”



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  • Keyword Discovery
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Keyword Country Review

"Keyword Country is the most complete tool on the market. Whether you work with SEO, AdSense or PPC, it will get the job done. I started using it some months ago and I can say that I am set as far as keyword research goes." -Daniel Scocco of
Keyword Country Keyword Tool Keyword Country Keyword Software

Keyword Discovery Review

"Keyword Discovery has quietly become the industry leader in keyword research tools. Their new premium database is an essential tool for search engine marketers, and I'm surprised they aren't charging any extra for it. I never advise any client or student on their keyword strategy without checking Keyword Discovery first." -Dan Thies of
Keyword Discovery Keyword Tool Keyword Discovery Keyword Software

Keyword Elite Review

"I've played around with other keyword generators - played is the key word here - you know what I mean! With Keyword Elite I've been able to quickly gather keywords to launch new adword campaigns effortlessly. Traffic is up and sales are booming! Great job - one less time consuming task to deal with."
-Michael Hobach of
Keyword Elite Software Keyword Elite

Keyword Spy Review

"KeywordSpy can cut the time it takes to build a keyword list down from hours or days to a matter of seconds. One of the best features is that their return for result happens instantaneously. Most keyword tools take minutes to hours to return results, but you never have to wait when using KeywordSpy."
-Michael Ullman of
Keyword Spy Software Keyword Spy

SEM Rush Keyword Software Review

"Bottom line: the SEMRush suite is a valuable toolkit to help SEOs and search marketers identify new keywords, advertising and optimization optimization opportunities they may not otherwise discover."
-Tom Pick of
SEM Rush Keyword Software SEM Rush Software

Wordpot Keyword Tool Review

"Wordpot is the ultimate keyword finder, it is the Fastest and most efficient keyword analysis tool found on the Internet. With, you can skillfully approach and target your customers in your search engine optimization efforts and pay per click search engine advertising." -Michael Jones Jr of
Wordpot Keyword Tool Wordpot Keyword Software

Wordtracker Keyword Tool Review

"If you are serious about search engine optimization, then Wordtracker is an essential investment, a must have resource for any search engine marketing professional. It combines both a respectable search term database with tools that make mining the information easy." -Danny Sullivan of
Wordtracker Keyword Tool Wordtracker Keyword Software

WordZE Keyword Tool Review

"WordZE is fit for any keyword rookie or keyword expert. It offers instant access to all the keyword data you need to research, optimize and strategize your keyword campaigns." -Craig Cahill of
WordZE Keword Software WordZE Keword Tool